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Zero Interference Wireless A/V Sender

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-27

Zero Interference Wireless Audio/Video Sender


Do you want to watch TV in another room by wireless tv sender but without interference? No need to run cables, share sound and images from any audio/video source (e.g. DVD player, DVR, CCTV camera, IPTV, Satellite Receiver, Digital TV Set Top Box or any other A/V devices) to TV or Monitor located in the same or a different rooms.

video audio sharing in different rooms

The PAT-530 5.8GHz Audio Video Receiver and Transmitter using leading-edge wireless communications technology enabling it to send clear, stable audio/video signals from one room in the home to anotherrooms at a distance of up to 15 meters through walls, floors and ceilings. The difference with 2.4GHz models is this wireless av sender from PAKITE doesn't suffer from interference from other Wireless device (e.g. WiFi Router or cordless phones).


Simply plug the av transmitter into the output on the source device (e.g. STB,DVD...) and the receiver into an input socket of the TV . The audio and video will be share from the source device to the TV by wireless transmission. IR Remote Control make you fellmore convenience, the unit also relays signals fromremote control back to the source. so you can use controller to change channels from other room.


Wireless av sender for PAKITE PAT-530 can send high definition resolutionimages by wirelessly to your TV (requires RCA converter) allowing you to enjoy high quality audio and video on your big screen TV. The new 5.8GHz standard of transmission avoid the interference perfectly from other household products like wireless doorbell ,cordless phones and wireless internet.


Easy and quick setup. No complicated cabling required. Welcome to join wireless signal group, welcome to join PAKITE with Global User.