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Wireless TV Sender Receiver Choosing Guide Review

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-27

Wireless TV Sender Choosing Guide and Review

 Wireless TV Transmitter and Receiver Choosing Guide

Wireless TV sender ( known as wireless av sender, Digisender, or video sender ) is an affordable and no-fuss solution to the problem of connecting all the TVs in a home to the household's primary set-top box or DVD player. With a AV sender, there is no need to run cables from room to room. The buyer can now watch clear audio and video reception on any television in the house from the comfort of any room. You should keep in mind that 5.8 GHz AV senders provide less signal interference and better picture quality than 2.4 GHz AV senders.


I bought this wireless tv sender because I couldn't see renting another cable box for my home office. I've ended up using it around the house as well. I hooked it to my DVR and now can watch recorded shows anywhere in the house. I wish I could just buy additional receivers and I would set it up permanently, but the hook up is still extremely easy and the boxes are very light and small. You do have to use the remote that runs whatever its hooked too, so periodically I forget where I've left the remote to the DVR .But it also limited by channel selection when using TV senders. Only one television channel can be viewed and transmitted at a time. Currently, there are no solutions available for this limitation. However, one should consider this to be only a minor limitation that does not detract from the convenience of being able to watch the same TV program on two different TV screens in two different locations in the home.


The picture and sound is surprising good. A small TV is perfect, for my 36 inch TV if you get close you can see the difference, but step a few feet back and it looks just fine. It doesn't like the microwave, lots of popping and crackling. Sometimes it crackles when someone walks directly in front of the receiver. A couple times I've had more troublesome interference, but was corrected by changing to another channel on the transmitter and receiver. (it has 4).


You can find a wide selection of wireless av transmitter and receiver on Pakite,  including 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency band, transmission range from 150m to 700m.There is always one is suitable for you!