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Wireless IR Remote Control

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-25

Wireless IR Remote Control

 How the IR Remote Transmitter & Receiver works

Some questions comes up with wireless av sender systems, so this paragraph is for expound IR remote control function.

1: Why I need the Sender & Receiver with IR Remote Control? I have tv controller, I can change channels at tv end.

First, Why need IR Remote Control function? if you wanna change channels at tv end, you have to use PAKITE PAT-220 with IR Remote Control. Normally, we settle tv and set top box in the same room, so we can control at the tv end. but actually, you are not control tv, you are control set top box, if set top box and tv in the different room, you will find can not change channels at tv end, if you use Wireless AV Sender with IR Remote, then you can.

2. How do you control A/V devices from another room (e.g. change the channel on your cable box)? That’s where the IR extender comes in.

The IR extender is a cable that plugs into the PAKITE transmitter and has one blocks on it. You will find a blocks marked IR, and please noticed stick the IR cable in front of the device’s(DVD/STB and so on) infrared light. Then when you point the device’s own remote at the PAKITE receiver unit, which is connected to the IR extender, you can operate the device just as if you were pointing the remote at it directly.

We suggest wireless av sender with ir remote control (like PAT-220/PAT-530)for tv user, since end user need change channels at tv end, wireless av sender without ir remote control (like PAT-330/PAT-360) for cctv camera user. PAKITE would provide the best choice with low cost to clients.