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Typical program of wireless meeting rooms

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-30

Typical program Wireless Conference room


Wireless Conference - www.pakite.net

Program Features

       1. The application of the above audio and video wireless transmission equipment to ensure the stable operation of high-speed backbone network;

       . 2 Support various video and audio input source and multiple display output can arbitrarily Switch;

       . 3 Wireless transmission without delay, truly plug and play, strong Anti-interference;

       . 4 Hi-Fi wireless audio transmission, fully synchronized audio and video Transmission;

       . 5 Support for multi-node in the backbone, multi-device, multi-access, all-wireless.


family TV DVD STB audio video sharing

An Introduction

Generally configured as a computer / tablet / Telephone + projector + Wireless Video + Audio + Wireless wireless microphone + wireless camera + wireless speakers (multi-channel), different device video over wireless transmission to the projector, different devices audio directly from the Wireless speakers. The whole programare All wireless design while Installation, use and maintenance are not need any professional audio knowledge.


scenarios - Conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms need a variety of multimedia use Presentation technology environment.


Device Support - Pakite all wireless products available to support this Program.


To explain Schedule - this is the wireless backbone network + wireless node program supports a Variety of multimedia conference room input source and display, and easy use. To create a truly modern all-wireless meeting room with multi-device, Multi-access, multi-system integration.