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What is wireless a/v sender?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-23

What is wireless av sender?

PAKITE Wireless TV Transmitter and Receiver

With the development of the times, electronic device becomes more and more popular, wireless device comes with it.

Everybody knows, Wireless connection bring us so many convenience. example: I like Shopping Online, Chat with my parents and friends, Review Daily News when I am sit on the sofa or some other place, but if no WiFi, I have to fix up a long cable from Internet Jack to sofa, could you imagine if no wireless device, we have to fix up by cable, four people were sitting on the sofa at the same times? So many wire were put in the ground, it will make you fell hard to move.

In a similar way, it’s pretty surprising to me that you still need a hard-wired cable or satellite connection for each TV in your house to get access to network and cable channels.

Now, I will introduce another Wireless Device, when it was founded by someone, most of people will think it's a new product, but if I told you it was on sale before WiFi Router has been widely used.  So how do you think?

Ok, Let me introduce what is the real Wireless AV Sender, Wireless AV Sender also named Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver, wireless av extender, or video sender, It's for transmit Audio Video at the same times by wireless. It come with two type of interface: RCA/AV or HDMI. (PAKITE will launch a 300 meter HDMI av sender after October 2016). How to connect: Transmitter connect with Set Top Box(cable tv box) by AV Cable, Receiver connect with TV by AV cable, once power on, it will be work. Easy to use and install, right? And you can share tv signal from tv box to tvs without running any cables through wall from then on.

audio video Transmitter

Audio Video Transmitter

audio video receiver

Audio Video Receiver

av sender connect with Set Top Box

Chart above, AV Transmitter connect with Set Top Box

av Receiver connect with TV, CCTV Camara, DVD, or other terminal equipment

Chart above, AV Receiver connect with TV

Btw, wireless av sender no need connect with Internet, Their wireless system only effective between transmitter and receiver.

After read the above information, you know what is wireless av sender? If still not or interesting about it, welcome contact with us.