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What is RCA Jack

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-04-15
What is AV Jack
First: AV Jack is a standard definition jack, also named RCA Jack, now most of device has AV Jack.

RCA/AV jackAV is a kinds of Analog Audio Video Jack, its professional Jack for AV transmission, also you can find Cable Box/Converter Box/set-top box, DVD and Satellite all has this type Jack.

AV Jack is a traditional TV Jack, it’s consists of three kinds of colors, example: Yellow, Red, White. The yellow one is video transmission, the white and red  is L&R sound. It suitable for transmission audio and video at the same times , AV Jack could transmission high definition video is because it’s comes with strong and powerful ability in transmission area. but VGA Jack can not do like that. HDMI Jack support 1080P, 720P resolution video input and output and also become the most popular Jack.

About HDMI wireless transmission, I would like to mention a new HDMI wireless product, 2016.09, PAKITE technology limited launched a 5.8ghz wireless HDMI sender which with 300 meters transmission range, 8 selectable channels(Dip Switch), and pakite is the only one developer and manufacturer of this HDMI product.

What’s the meaning of AV/RCA
We mentioned the in the above section, AV is intertwined initials of Animation Video , this is commonly nomenclature, but our foreigner friends calls it’s RCA Jack. Most of device has AV Jack, it’s commonly used by people.