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Video conference will be the tendency

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-19

Video conference will be the tendency

Video conference system is a new method of communication, Immersive visualization of the long range communication mode changed and replaced the traditional business model like phone call, email, and business trip.


Video conferenceThrough vivid video and audio bring staff get into the real conference mode. That make the "face to face" communication infinitize whatever where you are, thus saving time, reduce the resources and travel cost, improve efficiency and ameliorate operation mode, not only provide the initiative in the rapidly changing competitive environment for help leadership make quick decision, also reduce the business trip to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions from the source, to create an  "green office" environment.


More and more enterprise was accept video conference since it show us a Green office mode. And they are started adapting the video conference to enable remote communication and collaboration achieve.

PAKITE 300 Meter 5.8GHz Wireless Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver PAT-650Video communication system for the company enable cross regional and sectoral communication to achieve for internal meetings.


No matter where is your employees, their can join meetings with timely and regularly for held sales report, guide the project smoothly, R & D department can participate in product development, grasp the project progress; and attend the summary of leadership. As the communication technology, video communication can effectively reduce the business travel, saving time and reduce the costs.


With more and more innovation come out, enterprises have begun to use video communication system to help their staff learning more technology. Engineers involved in the technical and product training through the video conference , acknowledge and learn the most cutting-edge technology and product information. Video conference enable the staff   make immediate communication and response in the course , renewal of curriculum, the management of training program more difficult to estimate the benefits. Video communication technology can make the company reduce costs.


Video conference can improve the staff's working more efficiency and competitiveness , so that the real energy-saving emission reduction.