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PAKITE Wireless Network set-top box sharing Device

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-30

PAKITE Wireless Network set-top box sharing Device: Wireless TV Sender

 TV set-top box

Now everyone watch digital TV programs, but are different from analog era, a set-top box can only match a TV. If you have two TV set at home, then you have to buy two set-top boxes. TV set-top box is not installed will become decoration. If re-install another set-top box, in addition to the purchase cost of set-top box, the set-top box will have to pay a monthly fee. Most family will choose the set-top box installed in the sitting room, so that when we need in the other room to watch digital TV will encounter problems. In fact, we do not usually watch TV in a fixed place, more often, we in the living room during the day and watch the evening want to continue to watch in the bedroom, so if there no set-top boxes in the bedroom, it cannot continue to watch digital TV programs. Not only the digital set-top box will encounter this problem, when using DVD player, satellite TV receiver and other A/V device have the same trouble.

Digital set-top boxes generally divided broadcast, basic, enhanced (IPTV demand type). Which enhanced STB is powerful, it not only brings us a rich live television programs, also provide vast amounts of TV on demand, video playback. The event, news, review you missed can watch again. However, enhanced set-top box price and the monthly cost is relatively high, with the set-top box on each TV, this is absolutely typical waste of resources.

A set-top box can only to a TV set, thought of lying on the bed to watch TV in the room, but the room do not have the line to connect, set-top boxes can not be detached and moved to the room. Install a set-top box and have to pay rent, but also not commonly used. Pakite wireless sharing set-top boxes Audio Video device will help you! It is named wireless av sender ( It includes an av transmitter and an av receiver ), or wireless tv sender. Implementation can watch digital TV in the room, if you want to change the channel, do not need to be running around, you can change channels in the room directly! The range of available machine: digital set-top boxes, satellite set-top boxes, DVD player, AV audio-visual equipment such as DV machine!