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TV Signal Transmitter and TV Receiver

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-23

Story of TV Signal Transmitter and TV Receiver


With the time goes by, wireless is more and more popular at market, wireless router, wireless headset, wireless smart control, now tv can be connected with tv box by wirelessly.

oldtime TV receiver

Do you remember the tv receiver like this when you are little child?


Just set one pillar at open space with antenna wire and make sure no obstacle around the pillar, then connect a long cable from the pillar to tv, then tv will get the signal from the pillar to TV.

TV receiver nowaday 

And now, you will see more tv receiver like this, a small device like pan.


Just put the device outside, and connect a long cable to connect with set top box, and connect the set top box with tv, then tv will get the signal. It’s much easy to install, but it’s still need a cable from set top box to tv, besides, one set tv receiver only connect with one set tv. But now, so many family has two or more tv, then we need connect more cable and need more set top box?


No need, just need purchase one set PAT series TV signal Transmitter (known as wireless av sender(what is it?), or wireless tv sender) is ok, no need the complex cable between tv and set top box, besides, even if you has two or more tv, also you just need one set top box.

wireless tv sender transmitter adn receiver

Purchase wireless av sender, it contains an av transmitter and receiver. Transmitter connect with set top box, and receiver connect with tv, once power on, it will be work, if you have more than one set tv, then you may need many pcs receivers, receiver qty is depend on your tv qty, the receiver is no upper limit, but the user should keep all receivers within the transmission range. Besides what ever how many pcs receivers you connect with one transmitter, the resolution would not get influence.


Pakite brand TV signal transmitter support both Digital and Analog signal, so no worries about the input signal source, but the connect jack between transmitter and set top box only has RCA jack, or if tv or set top box had S-video or Scart jack, then you need to use a converter to connect the transmitter and receiver with your tv and tv box, but HDMI Jack is not support, pls notice.