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AV Wireless Transmitter with HDMI Jack

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-27

300m Wireless A/V Sender with HDMI Jack

HDMI Sender Receiver


Full HD has become more and more popular at market, like HDMI Car Camera, HDMI TV Box, HDMI CCTV Camera, wireless HDMI has become tendency.


Wireless AV Sender(also known as video sender, wireless tv sender, DigiSender and so on, what is it?) has come out many years, but only a little people knows Since most of people are retained their traditional and habitual of connecting tv and tv box. But now, people are very focus on home decoration, so their are trying to fine out all of wireless device just for make the install become more easy and decoration more beautiful.


But actually, 1080P HDMI wireless av sender transmission range is very short, like 20 meter; HDMI transmission is point to point, do not support One transmitter and multi-receiver; 1080p HDMI video sender cost is much expensive than SD wireless video sender.


Now, PAKITE come out a solution is combine SD av sender with HDMI jack for TV and TV Box/cable box/DVD and other HDMI device. So user can use PAKITE brand wireless av sender connect with their HDMI device, although the definition didn’t up to 1080P, but if the signal source is HDMI, then the HDMI video sender out put resolution is close to 720P.


The new model of PAKITE brand av sender resolution is close to 720p; it’s support one transmitter and multi-receiver; it’s support used at different rooms;  it combined with SD av sender advantage very well, also can be connect with most of HDMI wireless device. finally, the cost of wireless av sender with HDMI Jack is between Full HD HDMI wireless av sender and SD wireless av sender, it’s a larger market for HDMI user.


Wireless AV Sender with HDMI Jack will be on sale soon, welcome leaving booking message at www.pakite.net .