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How to improve the sense of experience?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-29

How to improve the sense of experience?


How to improve the sense of experience, it’s a big question for Chinese supplier, some times description is abstract, if clients can review it by himself that will be better.


We are a factory of wireless av sender, all of questions about products will be feedback to us, and we received many defective product from our dealer. QC Department test the defective goods one by one, but we found over 85% product is perfect, so why clients return us the perfect goods?


Following the comments is from buyer on Amazon: “

1. The procedure is quite simple; Plug in the transmitter and switch it on, connect your video and audio cables, plug your receiver in, connect audio and video leads, and then whatever source you select on the transmitting TV is duplicated on the receiving TV. It's a fantastically simple idea but one that works really well.


This parts is for explain how to use the wireless av sender, very simple to use if you can operation by yourself, but if need explain by words will be much complicated.

audio video sender installation

Chart above, the Audio Video Transmitter connect with Set Top Box

Installation: audio & video Receiver connect with TV, CCTV Camara, or other terminal equipment

Chart above, the Audio Video Receiver connect with TV

   2. Its important to make sure that the same wireless frequency is selected on both units, if you have interference you can select a different frequency to avoid interference from, say, your home network or wireless doorbell etc. A digital display is on both units.


The second parts, both transmitter and receiver in the same channel is default setting, if clients change the channels of transmitter, pls the receiver need change into the same channel, if didn’t then av sender cann’t transmit audio video, it’s very important.

transmitter receiver channel setting

   transmitter receiver channel setting

   3. The included remote lead is supposed to allow you to use the TV remote on the other TV but most TVs these days have built in remotes so I couldn't actually see the point of this, maybe I am missing something?


Most of clients didn’t use TV and set top box at different rooms, so their think “I can change channels at TV end, no need ir remote control.” I will tell you it’s wrong. In our daily life we change channels by the controller of set top box,not TV controller, right? So the fact is we are control the set top box not TV, if possible you can try to set TV and TV box at different rooms, test you can change channels at TV end or not.

   4. The picture and sound reproduction is very good and clear. It's not only live TV that can be transmitted, it works for any source, eg set-top box, dvd player, Apple TV etc.”


Yes, it’s real time wireless av sender , no latency. Besides, our wireless av sender can transmit both digital audio video and analog audio video.


In the above comments, the clients order Model PAT-556 av sender, 5.8ghz frequency band ; 300meter transmission range at open space;support 38/56khz frequency of ir remote control. If any questions,welcome contact with PAKITE as free.