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Smart TV to TV Wireless Transmitter Installation

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-02-24
Wireless TV Transmitter and ReceiverWireless tv sender(also known as video sender, Digisender, or wireless av sender) installation is very easy, no matter for RCA/AV port av sender, or for HDMI av sender, but it still some details need to be attention.

Like smart av sender support two group av input and 38/56KHz frequency band IR Remote control. But we have to make sure transmitter and receiver should be in the same channels, or it will be can’t work.

Transmitter and Receiver should be keep on same channel(RCA or HDMI).
a. 433MHz Wireless access C1-C8 should be same, normal control at receiver will be ok.
b. Keep IR Remote control frequency band F1/F2 should be same, normal F1 is 38KHz frequency band and F2 is 56KHz frequency band.
c. Since smart tv to tv sender support two group av input, so transmitter signal input is AV1, then receiver signal output should be AV1.
d. Keep transmitter and receiver was in the same channels, like transmitter was 01 channels, then receiver should be 01 channels. If for other Dial switch also should be same.
e. Keep both transmitter and receiver was in the same channels, then you can adjust the above function at receiver ends.

Wireless TV sender is a wireless bridge between satellite receiver and television, so we need keep all bridge in the same ‘altitude’ for make sure signal can passed to another side.