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Smart times

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-05-26

    With the popularity of smart phones, smart home also catch a ride on the mobile Internet. Compared to earlier years chisel wall wiring needs to go to war conditions, today's smart home just a cell phone can be achieved. Nanjing IOT Technology Department official told reporters that the current Smart home market has entered the era of wireless cable from the era, a variety of intelligent hardware after another, and the most common approach is to be APP, the equipment and mobile phones together, side by APP mobile phone to check the status of the device, or to control the device, which the implementation of intelligent species is most common. He told reporters: "At present, the majority of people in Nanjing have a wireless network at home, but also in the hands of smart phones, the hardware basic conditions."

    But reporters in the west a smart home experience museum experience with a mobile phone found after control TV, virtual keys feel inferior to physical buttons is an indisputable fact. In addition, Common entity able to use the remote control to get up, then go through to unlock the phone, download the client, open the APP, TV connection, select the desired control mode, and many other steps, even the staff of the store with them is not so handy.