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Smart Home Appliance

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-12

Smart Home Appliance


Smart Home Appliance

Smart home appliance not simply means control the light/ door bell/ home appliances, smart life means  the machine is smart enough to get the master idea and hobbies, make the personalized customization, show you a totally different traditional experience.


Smart home appliance still looks like a high level and concept words, it will take a lots of money if we wanna get the real smart , only wealthy house would need it, common people would not and don’t have enough money to make it come true, so we still misunderstanding about the smart life.


Point 1: Smart life is control by Mobile APP?

All of people knows smart home appliance could control by APP, like light, door, window and electrical equipment, seems like smart home appliance equal APP control. Also it brings convenient, but most time we felling it’s make us fell tired since we need so many APP to control different product.

But right now, we make all of product getting connection, so you are no need to worries about the APP problem. When you open the door, the light will automatically light up, air conditioning will adjust the comfortable temperature. The real smart is according your hobbies to customize the life plan for you, no need APP any more, and make you enjoy every moment in your home.


Point 2. Only wealthy house need it?

Most of people think the wealthy house has more space and high cost, so their will need smart control, but for common house, it will be speciosity.

Actually, smart home is a life style, some one may like leather sofa, some one may like cloth sofa, the key point is not how much big of your house, is that the owner requirements about the house. Especially the family has child or old man, mart appliance could solve all of things if you forget turn off the fire, water, close the door, no key to enter your house, smart home appliance become more and more  intimate, it’s not only for wealthy house.


Point 3: High cost with low practicability

At first, with the technology improve, the cost was lower than before, and it become more rational and practical, now you just take less than ten thousand yuan you can get the smart appliance, but you may cost tenfold or more to make it come true.

Second, the cost of smart home appliance also related to personal requirements, some one may just need the security or smart lock, some one may need to control all of light at the whole house, family theatre. So the smart home appliance also reduce the cost and make the cost more effective.


Point 4: If loose the mobile phone, it will cause big trouble.

Smart home system can control the appliance working condition, if may mobile phone was loose, then what should I do?

It’s a simple questions, the same theory with online payment, life smart system user will have a personal account and password, once lose the mobile phone, just logo in and revise your password at PC or other device, no need to worry your hose will be under dangerous if you lose your mobile phone. At the same times, security camera video will lock and update into website, only the user can download the video with correct password and it will keep your Privacy stay in safe condition.


  Now,  Most of supplier develop the new products is according the user demand. therefore, the current smart home appliance really bring us a new experience and life style.