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Intelligent Multimedia Conference Rooms System

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-15

Intelligent Multimedia Conference Rooms System


AV Sender to be a audio/video signal wireless transmit device of Smart Conference Rooms System

With the continuous development of information technology and the ever-changing multimedia technology, allow us to build an integrated wireless audio and video system(A wireless av sender to be an audio/video signals sharing transmission device by wireless transmit of Smart Multimedia Conference Rooms System), multimedia conference function room needs to become a reality. In considering the traditional meeting requirements, but also with elegant style and beautiful sound, clear image presentation, convenient control, highly centralized management features.

Multimedia conference room system consists of usual/large-screen display, multimedia audio and video sources, audio, central switching and integrated control of several major components. Select the large screen projection DVD and computer and multimedia physical showcase of VGA, video signal is amplified to restore the image, through sound amplification system restore audio. In order to make more efficient and real-time control, equipped with an integrated central control device to the control room for all audio-visual equipment, signal switching, lighting, lift the screen, volume control and other functions, greatly improved the work efficiency and simplify complex operations, can be used for all people and without the need for specialized knowledge.


I. Overview


Digital video technology has gradually matured, and quickly change our lives, with the development of broadband Internet technology, digital video technology has been integrated into the video conference, the distal end of the medical, the distal end of education, remote monitoring, streaming media technology, and other aspect, and service in all walks of life, so for now, the digital video technology is undoubtedly a new economic growth point.


 II. The User Needs


The entire system to finish teaching task of high efficiency, combining with each system , give full play to the function of each system, complete intelligent video conferencing.


(A) Multimedia display system

Multimedia display system consists of high-brightness, high-resolution LCD projector and electric screen makeup; complete graphic information on a variety of large-screen display.


(B)A / V system:

A / V system consists of a computer, DVD, VCR (video cassette recorder), physical booth, the remote video conferencing systems, amplifiers, speakers, digital video recorders and other A / V equipment;

To complete a variety of graphic information (including the use of a variety of software, DVD / CD discs, video tapes, all kinds of objects, sound) playback functions; to achieve multi-function hall live sound, broadcast, with large-screen projection systems, It provides excellent audio and visual effects. And by DVR, the entire process can be recorded in the hard disk recorder, to facilitate future inquiries retrospectives.


(C) Meeting room environmental systems:

Conference room environment system consists of lighting the room (including incandescent, fluorescent), curtains and other equipment constituted; complete change of the whole room environment, the atmosphere, in order to automatically adapt to current needs; for example, when you play a DVD, the lights will automatically dim, curtain off automatically.


(D) Intelligent multimedia central control system:

Currently the highest grade, the most mature technology, the most complete, most widely used central control system, which is currently the most advanced central control system equipment. To achieve a variety of multi-functional conference hall centralized control of electronic devices.:

 *Requiring a simple, user-friendly, intelligent;

 *High reliability requirements of the entire system;

 *To achieve a high degree of automation, intelligent control, minimizing operational complexity of the operator, to achieve "a key place" type of control;

 *As much as possible reflect the best features of various devices, so that all equipment in the best condition, maximize the effectiveness of the device;

 *You can control the projector on / off, input switching, and other functions, and the ability to control the electric pylons, screen, achieve rise, stop, drop and other functions;

 *You can control the DVD, VCR to play, stop, pause and other functions;

 *You can control the document camera zoom in, zoom and other functions;

 *Can control the volume, the size of the sound volume adjustment function;

 *It enables audio and video signals, VGA signals automatic switching control function;

 *You can control room lights and curtains, automatically adapt to current needs;