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Should I Upgrade My Car Charger?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-30

Should I Upgrade My Car Charger?

 car charger and phone

The prevalence of smart phones, tablets, GPS units, and other electronic devices in the car—many of them powered via USB—means that having a readily available USB-charging source is a near necessity for many people. If you own a car, it’s worth having a dedicated USB charger that plugs into your car’s 12-volt accessory outlet (aka, the cigarette lighter for older folks).


Even if your car is recent enough to include a USB port for integrating music playback and phone calls with your car stereo, it can still be worth spending money or so for a dedicated charging device in order to get faster charging speeds. That’s because your car’s built-in USB port(s) usually put out only 1 amp of current, which is not enough to charge a tablet or even newer iPhone at full speed. If you’re running an app like Google Maps, using your car’s USB port may not charge your phone any faster than it uses power, so you can end up at your destination with the same battery level as when you got in the car. Even if you were to get full-speed charging from an integrated USB port, most cars have only one such port. It’s worth spending a few bucks to have an always-ready, high-speed charger, especially since it can let you charge two or more devices from a single accessory outlet—your family and friends will appreciate that..


Similarly, if you have a USB charger that you bought a couple years ago, it probably puts out only 1 amp. Upgrading will provide you with faster charge times and the capability to charge tablets and other high-current devices. The same goes if your charger has only a single USB port. We’re living in an multi-device age, so it makes sense to have multiple USB-charging ports.

 Pakite CU53R series dual USB car charger

However, if you just bought a USB charger that provides at least 2 amps from each of its ports, there’s no reason to upgrade. Though you’ll be able to charge your iPad Air slightly faster with our top pick, the difference isn’t big enough to spend more money right now.


  Pakite CU53B series dual USB car charger might be a good choice for you, although it is incredibly small, the revolt dual is not so tiny that it’s difficult to remove. It stood up to every device we threw at it, including multiple iPhones, iPads, a OnePlus One, and a Samsung Galaxy S5, charging each at full speed. Compared to the competition, it offers the best balance of power and price, And the price of this dual port charger is so low that there’s no reason to consider a single-port model.