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Reviews of PAT-556 Wireless AV Transmitter Receiver

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-27
Reviews of PAT-556 Wireless AV Transmitter Receiver
PAKITE PAT-556 Transmitter Receiver, www.pakite.net

   The “PAKITE PAT-556 5.8GHz Digital Wireless AV Transmitter Receiver with IR Extender” is a simple and effective way of watching programs from a satellite receiver, set top box or other in one room and a TV set in a different room. 

   This is achieved wireless without all the hassle of running additional cabling around the house and with the right conditions can work up to 300 meters range. A lot of home equipment, from routers to Bluetooth devices, use the 2.4GHz frequency band but this system uses the 5.8GHz ISM frequency band which is less prone to interference from other equipment and also offers better transmission quality – a bit like a dual band router does. 

  It has a number of different selectable channels within the band so you may just need to find the one that works best in your location – a simple procedure.

    This av sender is easy to setup. The back panels on the transmitter and receiver are clearly labeled, which makes setup easy. You simply connect the transmitter unit to the set top box and the receiver unit to the TV or monitor, you will be viewing on using the supplied cables. The Transmitter unit in effect becomes a mini TV transmitter and the Receiver unit becomes a TV tuner and works exactly the same way as your local TV transmitter in miniature. 

  One nice feature with the device was the IR extender, which allowed me to operate my satellite receiver from another room. The way it works is cool. You plug the IR extender into the transmitter and then put the extender in front of the transmitting device's IR sensor. This is a convenient feature because it makes sense to want to operate the device you are transmitting while watching it.

  The PAT-556 av sender was supplied for evaluation and review purposes and I can offer an unbiased recommendation as a well made and effective wireless video transmitter/receiver system.