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Redefine HDMI TV Sender

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-01-20
PAT-580 Redefine TV Sender

PAT-580 HDMI 300m Wireless TV Sender Transmitter ReceiverEvery clients wanna get one set full HD resolution tv sender, but 98% of then stop since the high cost. And it's transmission range is very short. Now, PAKITE PAT-580 redefine 300 meter HDMI wireless tv sender, with a new design of blue light and long distance transmission range.

It’s a type of wireless tv sender with HDMI jack. It’s 5.8ghz frequency band, 5.8g has 8 channels for avoid interference, example 5645/ 5905/ 5925/ 5945/ 5725/ 5745/ 5765/ 5805. 300 meters transmission range at line of sight, that’s keep the universal SD av sender transmission distance, as for Full HD 1080P HDMI tv sender is hard to make it come true. Besides, it support one transmitter and many receivers, ( For example, three televisions sharing one cable box wirelessly just need one transmitter and two receivers; Transmitter connect cable box by HDMI cable, one television connect cable box, the other two receivers connect another two televisions separately ), it’s real time transmission, no need to connect with wifi and upload the video.

PAT-580 HDMI av sender is the best solution to deal with wirelessly transmission the HDMI TV Box signal to TV . Favorable price and lone distance transmission is clients needed.