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5.8GHz Wireless Video Transmitter with IR Remote Control Extender

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-23

5.8GHz Wireless Audio Video Sender with IR Remote Control Extender

PAT-556 av sender receiver

Model number: PAT-556


·Work with digital TV set top box, send AV signal to any TV in any room. 

·Wirelessly transmit AV signal from Cable, Satellite, TV, DVD player, computer…. to any TV. 

·Work with camcorder as a wireless surveillance monitoring system. 

·IR extender controls source device remotely. 

·Local area broadcasting of AV programs from single source to multiple receiving units.


A wireless av sender allows you to transmit audio/video signals of cable, satellite, video camera, DVD player, VCR, projector, or computer, etc. from one room to another wirelessly. Pakite 5.8GHz audio video transmitter not only provides 300 meters wireless transmission (in open space), but what distinguish itself from other similar products is it avoid the interference from crowded 2.4GHz ISM band applications such as Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Cordless Phone, etc. And the IR Remote Control Extender allows user to change source device's functions from the remote site. It can change the television channels from receiving location without going back and forth. Both primary and secondary TV have to display the same video program. Once the channel on either TV is changed, the other TV channel will be changed accordingly.


  The Wireless audio video sender will satisfy the transmission of A/V device . It enables you to easily realize wireless sharing of SD AV data and enjoy untrammeled hi-fi audio and visual effects.