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Customers' question about Wireless A/V Transmitters and Receivers

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-09-12

Customers' question about Wireless A/V Transmitters and Receivers

Question: I have cable service in my living room only. The apartment manager won't let me run a cable to my bedroom. Is there a device that will let me remotely have TV in my bedroom without running a cable?

Answer: Yes, there is. It's called a wireless av sender(what is it?). Some people call it wireless tv sender while it used on TV. On a small scale, it works the same way as a TV antenna only instead of a local broadcast station sending a signal out to anyone who has an antenna, the TV in your living room will be the sender of the signal for the receiver in your bedroom to decode.

The way it works is connect the television in your living room to the transmitter, and the TV in the bedroom to the receiver. The signal travels through the open air, and is decoded by the receiver in the bedroom. My advice is to have the transmitter and receiver in as open a space as possible to avoid any interference.

Line of sight is a term used for wireless transmissions. This is where the transmitter and receiver can see each other.

 wireless tv signal sender transmitter and receiver

Question: I have four tv in my home, can I use wireless av sender also, the resolution is same, the video will be  delay if I use too much receiver?

Answer: Yes, you can use one av transmitter with multi-receiver, the receiver is no upper limit; the resolution would not influence by receiver quality, all receiver could get the same resolution and display at monitor;


The video would not be delay, it’s different with wifi router, if too much device connect with wifi router will reduce the upload rate, but whatever how many pcs receiver you connect with one transmitter, the video would not be delay, it’s vivid transmission.