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PAT-580 HDMI video transceiver/extender Review

  • Author:From network
  • Release on :2017-04-21
PAT-580 Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter/Extender Review

Our company purchased 300 set PAKITE brand wireless hdmi av sender transmitters and receivers Model PAT-580 at the end of 2016 from Pakite company, we saw benefits from Pakite technology company's experience, low repair rate, service and the price. And it is the only one developer and manufacturer of this 300m hdmi extender. As we got a good sales and a low repair rate, we decided to give a good review to this new product. Because we got good reviews from our customers too.

PAT-580 Reviews from our customers

All of our customers' reviews are accept this hdmi extender output resolution is 720*576p(And we had told them about this before they bought), and as a matter of fact, the image quality is okay for room to room wireless transmission.
After customer bought this wireless hdmi video transmitter receiver and used it on their hdmi device, most of general problem they met is how to connect the transmitter and receiver and how to place them. This is not a problem for us, and we gave them help, the problem is resolved quickly. Some customers can correct connected and placed them well by watching the installation video on youtube.

Review of their using device: the signal source device which they used is, blu-ray player, DVD player, set-top box(cable box), satellite, IPTV box, and the hdmi video extender can work well. But there is one customer said his blu-ray player can't work with this hdmi extender, the reason came out, his blu-ray's version is too old to work well with this extender. We suggested him to change a new blu-ray player.

And recently, our company purchased 500 set PAKITE brand hdmi extender from Pakite company again.