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PAKITE PAT-220 AV Sender Reviews

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-07

Reviews of Wireless PAT-220 AV Sender


PAKITE 2.4G PAT-220 av transmitter receiver for STB sharing, CCTV Camera, DVR, home theater

PAKITE PAT-220 av sender set-up was very intuitive and easy. The resolution of the video and Audio is excellent, and the speed is outstanding. The Frequency used by the transmitter and receiver is very strong with good signal strength -- PAT-220 wireless av sender can pass signal through walls and between floors, and for considerable distance.


Though I didn't need to change the default frequency (channel), I had great fun switching between them to test the effects on my wireless router. PAT-220 av sender support 8 groups of channels. You can select these channels to avoid interference from signals of a wireless router. The fact that the signal strength at those frequencies was strong enough to wipe-out the signals from my wireless router is amazing.


If you are experiencing interference in the video or audio with PAT-220 av sender regardless of the channel setting, and in the form of pulsing flashes or distortion -- it can be resolved by keeping the receiver and transmitter at least 8 feet away from your wireless router.


I'm really surprised at the low price of PAT-220. The performance is outstanding -- high resolution, fast, and with powerful, clean signal. PAT-220 delivers high value and I am very pleased with this purchase, which has massively exceeded my expectations.


Someone are complained about PAT-220 "built cheap". I have to disagree with these criticisms. Though the product is made from lightweight plastic, the antennae, buttons, and RCA jacks give solid, positive action and sturdy, secure connections. I also found the compact, overall footprint of the endpoint devices of PAT-220 av sender to be very practical / useful. Also, this product includes two sets of AV cables each with terminations for video, left channel sound, and right channel sound, which were convenient to have.


Overall, I have to rate the PAT-220 as having outstanding quality, design, performance, and value.