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PAKITE Wireless Audio Video Sender PAT-220

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-27

Wireless AV Sender PAT-220

 PAKITE Wireless Audio Video Sender PAT-220

Wireless device become more and more popular at people’s daily life, like WiFi Router,Headphone, Mouse, Keyboard, those device is commonly use, now wireless doorbell, wireless ip camera, wireless av sender started to popular.


If you like shopping at online, just put key worlds “wireless av sender” at search box, whatever you search at ebay, Aamazon, or AliExpress, you will find many wireless audio/video sender in the following listing with the same feature, most of then has the same shape but different color. if you checked very carefully, you will find some of then with different brand. Yes, we accept OEM orders for regular order clients.


PAKITE PAT-220 AV Sender Here introduce PAKITE wireless av sender Model PAT-220, the feature like the following picture. This model can used between those group, like set top box and tv, cctv camera and tv, dvd and tv; Besides, no need consider the signal source is digital or analog , both digital and analog signal can be transmit by PAT-220; The transmission range up to 150 meter at open space, meet your requirements for home use, and you choose this model, you can change channels at tv send, even if the set top box and tv in the different rooms. But if you use cable connection, then you can not switch channels at tv end. Believe it or not, have a try.


The quality of wireless product can not judgement by one times test, testing environment is very import for wireless audio video transmitter and receiver.  If you are End User,  please check with sales which model is most suitable for you before make order, you can add the skype: pawm611 ask for support, if any questions please contact with our after sale service, if necessary our technician will help you solve this problem.


Sales just beginning, service is endless. welcome to join Pakite Brand wireless av sender with global user.