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Pakite organization "flying dream team Departed" Staff outdoor training

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-05-11
    The same team can be mediocre, might have a future. In order to improve the new staff and old staff team, to increase mutual affection between September 8, 2012, the old and the new employee "seamless team, flying dream" outdoor training activities. 

    After grouping, by guessing the cheerful event, breaking the barriers between people, established the basis for mutual understanding, create a team name. He then organized a team to guess the idioms, phrases, and other activities. 

    Finally, the strong Duet, the activities of each group is different but we are not more than the level, but in the process, you'll reap what emotions, thinking and behavior patterns of work before, to obstacles to their work, teams guess the idiom to upload, what distortion affects implementation. 

    By team, display, integrated production staff can enhance understanding and ability to communicate, strengthening the spirit to build excellent team, colleagues in the study and practice and training, experiential learning and efficiency, with more life changing. 

    Experience, dedication, collaboration, the joy of success, courage back, everyone is deeply felt, "seamless team", as well as team rests with the essence of a person. By this time, the nature of the stress and strain, green grass and blue skies, flying feeling heart, improving efficiency, motivation and momentum for the company's Humanities building and provides a solid foundation for sustainable development.