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PAKITE PAT-433 Wireless IR Remote Control Extender

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-09-07

IR Repeater

PAKITE PAT-433 Wireless IR Remote Control Extender Transmitter and Receiver 

As we know, most of device infrared remote control distance only has 5 meter or less, so PAKITE develop one IR Repeater for help user control at long distance.


PAKITE PAT-433 is Wireless IR Remote Control Extender, like an infrared amplifier. PAT-433 adapt 433.92MHz ISM Frequency Band wireless transmission, extension distance around 200 meter, it support 38KHz frequency band, if you need both 38/56KHz frequency band, you can talk with PKAITE sales and check more details.


IR Repeater is only for extension infrared range, can not transmit audio video. if you need transmit audio video at the same times, you may got the wrong model, if like this condition, you can choose wireless av sender(what is it?), not IR Repeater.


Wireless av sender also has infrared repeater function, but it’s totally different product. Wireless AV Sender mainly is for transmit audio video, it also extend the ir remote control range. But PAT-433 IR Repeater is only for extension infrared signal.


Besides, PAKITE wireless av sender mostly is RCA Jack as connection, but PAKITE PAT-433 IR Repeater is no need to connect with the device, just place the IR Repeater receiver parts above the device and control at the transmitter side, then it will be work. It means wireless av sender is only for RCA Jack device, but IR Repeater can be used with any device with infrared remote control.


PAT-433 is worthwhile to try(how to use?), it’s real wireless connection, whatever you device is, as IR Repeater PAT-433 can extension it’s remote control range.