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PAKITE Wireless A/V Transmitter Review

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-06

PAKITE Wireless AV Transmitter Review

PAKITE PAT-556 5.8G av sender for CCTV Camera,TV STB,DVD,home theater
PAKITE PAT-536 5.8G home theater audio video tv transmitter receiver
PAKITE PAT-246 2.4GHz cctv camera/tv transmitter receiver
PAKITE PAT-226 2.4G long rang transmitter for home theater TV CCTV Camera Set-Top Box

The Digital Wireless AV Transmitter Kit is a wireless and IR extender solution comprising an audio video receiver and transmitter. Unlike less expensive solutions, the PAKITE product does not require line of site between transmitter and receiver, so will work through walls and between floors. The transmitter has two groups AV inputs, 8 groups of selectable AV channels output and a IR extender, which can be set to 38KHz or 56KHz.

  If you’re looking to locate a TV or projector in a place where it would be hard to run cables, or want to connect a TV in another room to you main home theater, the PAKITE Digital Wireless AV Transmitter Kit could be just the best. It just worked flawlessly in all of my tests.

My initial test was from a Blu-ray playing via Power DVD on my laptop, with line of site to the receiver connected to my Kuro plasma display. Everything worked well. Next I moved the laptop and transmitter into and adjoining room and repeated the test. The results were still crystal clear picture and sound. Next was moving the transmitter to the basement where I house all my AV and home automation equipment. Now it’s probably fair to say I probably have more RF interference than most home owners. 

For the final test, I moved the receiver to my bedroom and tested from the transmitter in the basement to my 720p plasma. Once again no issues: just crystal clear picture and sound. So PAKITE wireless tv sender digital kit would be your first choice!