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AV Signal Transceiver

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-03

AV Signal Sender


Wireless AV Signal Transmitter & Receiver

AV Signal Sender(AV Sender) also named AV Signal Transmitter and Receiver, it’s for convert av signal between signal source device to monitor.


Which device may need av signal Sender? Like signal source need to connect with monitor, then you may need connect one pcs cable from source device to monitor. But if you use av signal sender, then cable between source device to monitor is not necessary.

Example: now, more and more family has over 1 sets television, but set top box or satellite receiver only one set. satellite receiver is very expensive in some country, besides, the each satellite receiver is charge by carrier operator, So some user may ask:“that is possible if I just use one set satellite receiver but I have 2 television?


AV Signal Sender is necessary in this condition, just connect the transmitter with satellite receiver, And the receiver parts of av signal sender connect with tv, once power on, you can enjoy vivid video at monitor end. One more thing need to confirm:  pls make sure your satellite receiver has RCA Jack /Scart Jack/S-Video Jack, if your satellite receiver has the above Jack, then you can change the Scart/S-video Jack to RCA Jack by one pcs cheap convert.


But if your satellite receiver only has HDMI Jack, you may need AV Signal Sender with HDMI Jack, PAKITE is developing this model, will be on sale at August, if you are interesting, you can contact us to get more details.