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Does PAKITE HDMI av sender support HDMI 2.0 edition?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-01-07
PAKITE launched a 300 meters HDMI video sender (known as HDMI av sender) latest, and this new HDMI product got many good reviews from many family. The article is an answer for HDMI interface edition which some customer asked.

HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.4 Interface
HDMI known as the High-Definition Multimedia Interface, It is the first digital interface to support uncompressed digital high-definition, audio and smart format and control command data on a single cable.hdmi port
1, Ethernet channel: HDMI 1.4 edition increase the data pathto achieve high-speedtwo-way transmission. Devices that have this capability will be able to send and receive data at 100 Mb / s over Ethernet. The HDMI Ethernet channel allows an integrated Internet-enabled HDMI device to share its Internet connection with other HDMI devices without using other Ethernet cables.
2, Audio return channel: the latest HDMI adds an audio channel for reduce the processing and playback of audio upload the required number of cables. HDTV directly receives audio and video content, the new audio return channel allowing high-definition TV without additional cable and using the HDMI cable to send audio to the A / V receiver.
3, 3D HDMI : Specification 1.4 HDMI devices for the definition of the common 3D format and resolution, this specification make 3D system input / output part of the standardized, standard resolution up to dual-channel 1080p.
4,4096 × 2160 resolution: the latest specifications for HDMI devices can support four times the resolution of 1080p HD resolution. The new specification supports 4096 × 2160 resolution, making the HDMI interface to be used in many digital cinema with the same standard resolution of the content transmission.
5, the expansion of support for color space: HDMI technology is now available for digital cameras designed to support the color space. HDMI-capable display devices support the sYCC601, Adobe RGB, and Adobe YCC601, providing a more accurate, realistic color when connected to a digital video camera.

Does PAKITE 300m HDMI product support HDMI 2.0 edition?
PAKITE Brand 300 meters HDMI AV Sender support the newest HDMI 2.0 edition.