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Analog Transmitter and Receiver

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-08

Analog Transmitter Receiver

digital/Analog transmitter receiver

Transmitter and Receiver was divide into two series: Analog Transmitter and receiver and Digital Transmitter and Receiver. The difference is the input source.


What’s the difference between analog signal and digital signal ?

The analog signal is transmitted in analog mode. The signal is amplified and transmitted by the amplifier, and the signal quality is easily affected. It is possible to have the phenomenon of snow point and so on.

Digital signal to digital transmission of audio and video content, the set-top box receives is after the digital signal modulation, demodulation can restore and the studio the same definition picture, if there is a loss of data may lead to mosaic, but there will be no snow.


How to choose the correct transmitter and receiver for my satellite receiver?

If you do not know the signal type of your receiver, then I will suggest you use PAKITE Brand Wireless AV Sender, all of model of their brand support both digital and analog signal transmit, so you are no need to worry about the input source.


Besides, you can connect their transmitter with your cctv camera. As we know, some of brand cctv camera is analog signal and some of them is digital signal. So may be you should purchase av sender according the signal source, may be one for satellite tv, one for digital cctv camera, and another for analog cctv camera. So it will be complex for user. But if you order PAKITE wireless transmitter, you can use it as analog transmitter receiver, also it can be digital transmitter and receiver if you needed, it will be much simple for user.