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IR Extender Wire or Wireless

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-04-27
IR Extender Wire or Wireless

All kinds of product crowd in market, but wireless had been the major trend, but some of their are conditioned to wire product.

So any difference between wire and wireless? Here take example by IR Extender.

IR Extender Repeater wireless
The picture is wireless IR Extender. One set ir extender contain a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver, what the difference between this device with wireless tv transmitter is ir extender just for extending the ir signal wirelessly. This unit no need to connect with any device by cable except plug, so it can be used with USD/HDMI/RCA/SDI.....any type of device.  Just place the receiver at the signal source need to be extension, and remote control at transmitter end. Transmission range up to 200 meter at open space.

wire IR Extender
The picture is wire IR Extender, this unit need to connect with tv or set top box by USB cable, but it just for getting power, also it could be connected with Plug for getting power. But please noticed: the small one dot is receiver and the big one is transmitter. Use method: USB Jack connect with Set Top Box for getting power, and the receiver dot stick at the set top box end, remote control the transmitter dot. 

As for wireless IR Extender, between transmitter and receiver the distance could be 200meter, but wire IR Extender distance is limit since the cable, so it’s depends on your requirements and installation method.