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Intelligent infrared remote control worth to buy or not?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-14

Intelligent infrared remote control worth to buy or not?


The emergence of a smart product redefines the remote controller. Simply , it given remote magic. Intelligent universal infrared controller, it will not change your habits, but let your life become orderly, more intelligent.  And compared with a ordinary remote control, omnipotence IR Remote controller support mobile terminal app operation, does not need any "learning" and "pairing" steps, you only need to download the corresponding brand, model of infrared code, you can realize the intelligent management.

 Intelligent infrared remote control

A 'wireless IR extender' can transmit long range infrared signal

Intelligent remote control can responsible for the all of home appliance, in order to make your life more orderly, more convenient. But all of intelligent hardware should be the same brand, such as lighting, switches, sockets can remote control is realized through the mobile phone app. You can enjoy air conditioning cleaning comfortable When you coming back home in the summer .


Young friends with strong ability to accept new product , universal infrared remote control device of humanized design, not only to save the resources of life, mother no longer have to worry about remote control was lose by baby. Mam can control all of the intelligent electrical apparatus by mobile phone , practicability is more important than everything.


It’s easy to install a network environment for this smart hardware, make sure the electric support infrared remote control, connect to the network and find the universal remote control, mobile app binding appliance brand can get started operation. The initial operation is not a difficult task.