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How to use PAT-433 Wireless IR Extender?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-11-23

How to use PAKITE PAT-433 Wireless IR Extender?

First, PAT-433 is a type of wireless IR Extender, it’s used for extension the infrared remote control distance.


PAKITE PAT-433 tv ir sender is 433.92MHz ISM frequency band,support 38KHz IR Remote control, support 200 meter remote control distance at line of sight.


PAKITE PAT-433 including one pcs transmitter and one pcs receiver, as the following picture:

 ir repeater - transmitter
 ir repeater - receiver

Two circumstances:

First: for control tv at from another place.

If you would use PAT-433 ir sender to control ( increase or reduce) the Volume of tv, then you need put the receiver at tv end, as the following picture 1, and remote control at transmitter end as the picture 2.

 put the receiver at tv end
picture 1
remote control at transmitter end
picture 2 

Second: for control Set Top Box/DVD at TV end.

If set top box and TV were placed at different rooms, you would use PAT-433 to control set top box to change program at tv end. Then you need put receiver at set top box end as picture1, and control transmitter at TV end as picture2.

IR Cable : Transmitter connection with TV as picture 3, receiver connect with set top box as picture 4, this is for hidden Receiver at Set Top Box end, if you are no need to hidden Receiver, IR Cable is no need to connect.

 ir extender's Transmitter connection with TV
picture 3
 ir extender's receiver connect with set top box
picture 4

It’s a little difficulty to understand? You just need to remember control at transmitter end, then everything will be ok. If still can not understand, welcome leave message with us.