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How to distinguish model PAT-330 and model PAT-220

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-04-08
PAT-220 av sender is typical and popular model, it support 150 meter transmission range and support IR Remote control. But the retail price is a little high for some of end user since the freight. At that time, PAT-330 has the same feature with PAT-220, but PAT-330 do not support IR Remote control, so the unit price is much cheaper then PAT-220, then some of clients would order PAT-330. But finally, the product is works well, but since no IR Remote control, so their have to exchange another model.

Transmitter and receiver as below, but no one can distinguish it’s belongs to transmitter or receiver.

PAT-220 TransmitterPAT-220 Receiver

But if you already get the product, you can check behind of both transmitter and receiver has serial number, the first three is model No. Like 330 or 220. So you can recognize this unit belongs to which model.

We need pay more attention about wireless product before make order,  and double check with seller, or you will loss one way freight at least.