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HDMI VS SD Wireless Audio Video Transmitter

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-25

1080p HDMI VS SD Wireless A/V Transmitter

HDMI TV and Set Top BOX had appeared on the market, clients may require 1080p output resolution HDMI wireless transmitter match with HDMI TV. At the same times, their will found he can not or hardly to find the 1080P HDMI wireless device supplier.  

Here I'd like to state my personal opinion: why most of company would not produce 1080p output resolution HDMI ? 1080p HDMI already appeared on the market, it's correct, but still not the major market, that's the main reason why we would not produce Full HD AV Sender to expand the market. By the way, Pakite will launch a new HDMI wireless transmitter you never heard, it's not full HD 1080p output resolution, but it can transmit audio and video signal from the HDMI port device, such as TV(under 40 inch), set top box, DVD-player, HDCP, and so on. And it's output resolution is 720x576p(require input resolution is full HD), transmission range is 300 meters.

For technique :  SD Resolution Wireless AV Sender support long range transmission, like PAKITE Brand PAT-260 Transmitter transmission rang is 350 meter. But if you ask for Full HD resolution, the transmission range will be very short(10 M-50 M without any hold back), and the penetrate ability will weak than SD Audio Video Transmitter, then it will be not suitable for used at different room or floor.

PAKITE long range 2.4G Wireless audio video Transmitter and Receiver PAT-260

For Clients :  Unit price of 1080p HDMI av sender will be higher than SD AV Sender, SD AV Sender unit Price approximately $40-$60 if you buy one pcs at local market, the unit price will be much cheaper if you are agents , HDMI Wireless AV Sender EXW Price based on MOQ 100 sets will be $150 -$190,  it's too expensive for ender user, right?

Form Seller: $150 per sets as prime cost make 1080p HDMI market become small, it will no profit for the seller. Besides, at the first , buyer will hard to accept the cost .

That's the main reason why 1080p HDMI av sender is hardly to search. besides, company would like develop HDMI av sender if you has larger market with larger demands.

With wireless being the norm for so many of our electronic devices today, wireless av sender comes with it.

It’s also annoying when you want to put a TV in a room on the other side of the house from where your cable/satellite wiring enters it. I had this situation before I bought wireless av sender. I wanted to put a TV in my living room and bedroom, but there is a cable between set top box and tv. besides, two tv can not connect with one set top box, I am anxious to fixing this problems, but at that time only one option—running the wires along the ceiling and floorboards inside the house or running them over the roof on the outside—was desirable.

Now I found wireless av sender model PAT-260, it support used in different rooms and different floor, wireless transmission make installment step become easier, besides, also you can change channels at tv end, that a surprise, right? normally you have to change channels at set top box end if you know it very well.

You can also use the system to transmit audio and video signals wirelessly from other devices besides your cable box (e.g. DVD players, home theaters, gaming consoles) to your TV. Also, the model is marked SD resolution, but I think it's no difference with HD Wireless AV Sender.

connet the transmitter and receiver, www.pakite.net

Wireless av sender use method is very easy, You simply connect the transmitter unit to your digital box and the receiver unit to your TV. Both of them connect using RCA connectors (the ones with the red/white/yellow plugs), which are provided with the units. You then just play with the antennas to align them so the signal moves as directly as possible between the two rooms.

If you have any questions about how to use, please review the video by search key works" PAKITE wireless av sender " at Youtube or Contact Us, we will help you how to install step by step.