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300m HDMI signal AV Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-04-12
Model: PAT-580
Type: Wireless
Interface: HDMI
System: PAL / NTSC
Frequency Band: 5.8GHz
IR Remote Control: 38KHz
Transmission Distance: ≤300 Meter

Watch your favourite movie in your bedroom, cheer for your favourite football team in the garden or play your kids videos in their room while you’re having dinner with your friends downstairs.

Why be limited to one room when you can have the freedom to enjoy anywhere you like? The Wireless HDMI Sender connects your AV devices and lets you control them from a different room. The signal quality stays optimal, even through a wall or floor.

So, if you don't want to run ugly cables across your floor, or can't run them through your walls, wireless can be great. Long distance 300 Meters HDMI wireless transmission distance( line of sight); 5.8GHz frequency band transmit HDMI audio video signal with stable picture and sound; IR Remote support you control the program and volume at TV end, even if the DVD Player and TV was set in different rooms; wireless av sender also support one transmitter and many receivers, such as you have one set DVD player place at living rooms and may TV was placed at different rooms(eg. Living room/bad room/kitchen room), you are no need to move DVD player also enjoy wonderful video, just connect the receiver with TV, everything was done.

The transmission distance is line of sight, if between the transmitter and receivers exist walls, then the transmission distance would be down to 10 meters; with the time development, resolution up to 4K or higher, but for wireless av sender(also known as video sender, wireless av transceiver, or wireless video extender), it still stop at Max 1080P, most of wireless av sender only 480P as stand definition, the unit price of 1080P wireless av sender is very expensive, only a little user would pay for it.

Bottom line:
Wireless AV Sender is a good idea for solve the problems of fix cables, it’s still have larger space on technology and cost, producer should come out new idea for resolution and make the video transmission more stable. finally, the unit price also very important.