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HD transmission mode and characteristics in supervision system

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-09-14

HD transmission mode and characteristics in supervision system

With the Networking, high definition, intelligent, integration developing, Supervisory system transmission technology are continues to innovation and upgrading.


As an integral part of the monitoring system, the different transmission modes have different characteristics. Based on the camera's output signal, HD video surveillance has a variety of transmission mode.


HD Web CameraHD Web Camera: that adapt the standard Ethernet transmission, the short distance transmission adapt the unshielded twisted pair, the long distance transmission mainly adapt optical fiber or wirelessly. Optical fiber transmission mainly use Ethernet optical fiber transceiver, Ethernet switch, PON and other equipment. Wireless adoption of 3G, 4G, WiFi and WiMAX .


Network transmission is the mainly transmission mode of high-definition video surveillance since it’s have small transmission bandwidth, low cost, flexible networking features character. But at the same time, but the compressed video quality, latency, the clarity of the movement of the process is not so good as non compressed video. So it not suitable for someone has higher requirements of video quality .


HD-SDI camerasHD-SDI cameras: the HD digital component serial interface (BNC interface ), non compression way. Coaxial cable is used for short distance transmission, long transmission distance through fiber, HD-SDI optical equipment. The HD-SDI transmission method can transmission high quality image, high level safety, no latency, it suitable for applications at high requirements both image quality and safety. Due to HD-SDI video transmission bandwidth is 1.485Gbps,  take high bandwidth will add the network cost, at the same time group network also have the limit, only the use of point to point optical fiber transmission.

At present, there has come out a visual lossless coding technology to solve HD-SDI bandwidth problem, which uses an HD-SDI interface , in the transmission of HD video visual lossless coding, that can reduced the bandwidth to 1 / 6 of the original. HD video visual lossless coding can be greatly reduced the cost, single wavelength can support 8 HD-SDI video transmission and networking also support node type transmission.


With the development of technology, combined with the new intelligent analysis technology and cloud storage technology, security will gradually enter the 4K image application. As a high-definition video transmission applications also faced more hardly test, the high-definition network transmission technology requires higher bandwidth , more high chip technology, higher application platform, more demanding work environment, more clear image.


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