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How to make sure HD transmission effect in supervision system?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-09-13

How to make sure HD transmission effect in supervision system?


Market has come out many kinds of HD transmission method, the aim is transmit audio video and date to the needed place by different carrier, but in this section stable transmission is the key of video monitoring system.


HD monitor is a unified whole, involving a number of aspects of the monitoring system, including front-end video capture, video transmission in the middle, back-end HD storage, display, analysis, linkage and so on. From the point of view of the transmission link, how to ensure that the information clearly and effectively?


Transmission as an integral part of monitoring system , how to ensure the integrity of video and data signals transmission in the project?


Transmission scheme : the above transmission mode has its own characteristics, and construction project system use at the different environment , so the choice conforms to the transmission mode of the project is very necessary. For example: long transmission distance should be choose optical fiber transmission; in the preliminary planning of transmission should considering the issues of the bandwidth, and the issue of the whole system bandwidth, we must detection and confirmation according to the real condition.


Wire section: that’s the essential factors of the system operation is long-term or short-term, for example: the SDI signal transmission, as a serial digital signal on the transmission rate requirements is very high, coaxial cable will be the best carrier of short distance transmission in this project, but coaxial cable has many kinds specifications , so this is a difficult task for select the wire.