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Four Questions to Ask about Wireless A/V Transmitter and Receiver

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-18
Four Questions to Ask about Wireless A/V Transmitter/Receiver

questions for wireless tv sender transmitter receiver

What is wireless A/V transmitter/ receiver?
A wireless av transmitter/ receiver, consists of a transmitter with one or more receivers. It can transmit the color images and sound signal of digital TV set-top boxes, DVD, VCD,satellite receivers, computers and cameras equipment through wireless to any TV or computer screen. Signal in the open distance can send up to 100 meters, clear usually cut off a wall can reach 30 ~ 50 meters, completely cover any corner in the home, using 433 MHZ wireless technology, infrared remote control signal accurately back to audio equipment.

What is the distinguishing feature of wireless AV transmitter?
* Transmit DVD, VCD, set-top boxes, satellite TV and computer video signals to multiple TVs
* Use 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band
* Four groups of transmission channel used for selection
* 2.4 G built-in antenna, small size
* 433 MHZ infrared wireless remote control back
* External surveillance cameras
* Compatible with NTSC/PAL TV system
* Nowiring, small size, does not occupy a space, your household is decorated completely unaffected;
* Safe,reliable, low power consumption:
* Easy to use: just like using ordinary TV;
*Low prices, bargain: don't increase the cost of equipment, does not need to pay more rent on a monthly ratings cost;

Wireless A/V transmitter can bring you any benefits?
The product can give the existing electrical appliances in the convenience of use bring a qualitative leap, there is no regret from study and sitting room not convenient wiring and isolated from each other's. This product can make free interconnection between many appliances, such as: digital TV set-top box, a converter VCD/DVD player, TV, satellite receiver, LCD TV, plasma TV, video tape recorder, disk recorders, projectors, computer monitors, etc., realize the wireless interactive transmission of video stream.

Who needs to purchasea wireless A/V transmitter/ receiver?
* There is more than two television digital TV set-top box users families;
* Want to watch a DVD in the room other than the living room, but don't want to move DVD;
* Need to use television monitoring young children / elderly / patient  family activities (extra wireless camera);
*Multi-TV set-top box digital signal common spaces, such as restaurants,supermarkets, beauty salon, restaurants, clubs and so on.