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PAKITE Double/Dual USB Car charger Reviews

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-12

PAKITE CU53B Dual USB Car charger Reviews


PAKITE Dual USB Car Charger 2300mah CU53B

I'm a tech consultant who is on the road all day. I travel about 35,000 miles a year in my car. I break car chargers left and right. I chose this Dual USB car charger PAKITE CU53B for the following reasons:

1. The CU53B dual usb car charger is small and compact. The unit doesn't protrude out from the outlet in my car. Most car chargers have that massive end sticking out, like a cancerous growth. This charger is small and sleek.

2. The long standing issue with phone chargers is the connector. The side that physically plugs into the phone, not the side that plugs into the car... at least not for me. Purchasing a USB charger allows me to replace the USB cable after I screw up the "Micro-USB" side of the cable. USB cables are cheap and you can get replacement ones from Amazon for $2-$4 without batting an eye. So, with this charger, when I muck up the phone side of the cable, I can replace the USB cable and keep my charger. Saves plastic, saves the environment. Win=Win

3. There are double charging ports on this usb car charger and it will allow me to charge my iPad and my Samsung Nexus 10 tablet, simultaneously on long trips... or an iPhone and an iPad. Mix and match... think of the possibilities!

4. All devices like to be charged with more power than the minimum amperage requirement. I.E., my Samsung phone asks for a minimum charging amp of 0.5, this car charger has two ports with 2.3A output. This will ensure a fast, strong, complete charge for my phone. Ever noticed that on some chargers your phone takes forever to charge? Yup, this is why. Check the charger for the output Amps and you'll start to see where I'm going with this.

I've had the PAKITE CU53B dual usb car charger for a little while now. It works as expected. Able to charge everything quickly and efficiently. Oddly and thankfully, I haven't broken the USB cable yet. Great charger.