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Digital Audio Video Signal Transmitter Receiver PAT-550

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-03-16
The following picture PAT-550, it’s typical model wireless tv sender form PAKITE Technology, it’s RCA port for sharing av signal from one room to another room. (For transmitting HDMI audio/video signal, you can choose PAT-580 HDMI av sender which with 300 meters wireless transmission range.)
PAT-550 Video extender

Any difference between PAT-550 and the other brand?

PAT-550 support transmit analog and digital signal, so you are no need to worried about the input signal is digital signal or analog signal.
 PAT-550 is developed and produce by PAKITE, all products was test at least three times before shipment.
 PAT-550 wireless transmission range is 300 meters at line of sight, 25 meters after passed one wall.
 PAT-550 transmitter support one group av signal in and one group av signal out, which means one set PAT-550 support connected with one set DVD and two set TV.
 PAT-550 support one transmitter and many receivers, the receivers is no upper limited.
 PAT-550 transmit audio video signal between transmitter and receiver, so it’s will not influence your other wireless device.
 PAT-550 support IR remote control, then you can control your TV program at any room has receivers.

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