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The Difference between PAT-550 and PAT-580

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-03-23
Both model is 5.8GHz frequency band, and 300 meters transmission distance at line of sight, support 38khz ir remote control, support one transmitter and many receivers.

1. PAT-550 av transmitter is RCA Jack input and output, it’s for typical RCA/AV interface TV and TV box with RCA/AV connection; but PAT-580 HDMI av sender/extender support newest and popular connection HDMI input/output, this interface mach with new TV and TV box, besides, PAT-580 HDMI support 2.0, it perfect combine with all kinds of HDMI.

2. The transmitter of PAT-550 support one group av signal input and the receiver support one group av output, one transmitter and one receiver can be used with one set-top box and two sets TV, but it should be though a convert to split one group av signal into two group. PAT-580 has a small difference with PAT-550, the transmitter of PAT-580 has two HDMI interface, one if HDMI input, another is HDMI output, the interface HDMI input is for connect with TV Box or DVD, another one HDMI output is for connect with mainly TV directly, and receiver end has one group HDMI interface, it’s for connect with second TV, then you will find one sets PAT-580 support connect with one set set-top box and two sets TV.

3. Wireless av transmitter and receiver PAT-550 is typical model in 2009, the output resolution only 640*480P, it’s called stand definition. PAT-580 is developed at the end of 2016, the resolution is 720*576P, it’s not full HD or 1080p resolution, please noted.

Some of clients think if the resolution is 1080P would be perfect, but all of us know that: 1080P wireless av extender cost very expensive. So take it easy, PAKITE R&D is trying to develop a new model for HD clients.