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How to make it simple but effective?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-30

How to make it simple but effective?

Wireless tv sender, send TV signal to another TV in another room

Now, I will show you how to make Transmit analog audio/video from one tv to another tv by wireless.

First you need on sets Wireless AV Sender(one transmitter and one receiver), if you have two or more tv, then you will need more receiver, it’s depends on your tv qty, one set tv need one pcs receiver.

Second,  Analyze your usage environment, if you will use tv in different rooms and different floor, you should choose the transmitter with long transmission range, Example: if you wanna use at different floor, then you have to choose PAT-260, this mode support used at second floor, but you have to pay attention is 1 floor is Max, after penetrate one floor, the transmission range do not over 50 meter.

  PAKITE PAT-260 Audio Video Sender for CCTV Camera, tv set top box, dvd

2.4GHz AV Sender

Built-in worldwide 2.4GHz wireless ISM Band RF module

8 Channels for 2.4GHz frequency channel switching

Transmission distance up to 150meter

NTSC / PAL video format

Support IR Remote Control

Support Analog/Digital Signal Input and Output

Third, after choose the correct models, then you just need connect the AV cable with device, transmitter connect with signal source, receiver connect with monitor. if no signal, Pls make sure av cable matched correct jack, if not will lead to no signal or not video, then you need check the av connection is correct or change another av cable.


Finally, just connect both transmitter and receiver getting the power, and check both power adapter and device's indicator lights on or not.Pls confirm PAKITE power adapter is 5V/1A.


PS: PAT-260 Wireless AV Sender is support IR Remote control, if you can not channels at tv end when the tv and set top box in the different rooms, pls place the transmitter above at the signal source and keep the indicator light of transmitter and the infrared light of signal source in a line, but the transmitter bulge 2 cm.


If any questions about wireless av sender welcome contact with PAKITE, you can leave message at our official website pakite.net, once received your message, our sales will contact with you as soon as possible.