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Coming HDMI Wireless Audio Video Senders

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-06
Coming HDMI Wireless AV Senders

AV(audio/diveo) Senders apply a simple, affordable and effective alternative to wired audio/video distribution systems, it’s the only solution where cables can not be run.

A HDMI Wireless AV Sender is a product comprising two main components - a transmitter and a receiver. Working together, these two components wirelessly send Digital and Analog audio/video signals throughout your home. HDMI AV sender are simply to set-up - connect the transmitter component to your tv box (or other A/V source device) then connect the receiver with the tv in the 2nd room. Turn on, then you can watch your favourite programs in the other room.

Not all wireless AV Sender are created equally - there are some difference to keep in mind when making your selection:

PAKITE long range HDMI av sender for home TV, CCTV Camera, DVD, STB

Transmission Range: Typically the test range is open space, transmission range between 150-350 meter, but the real transmission range is depending on number of obstacles in the way and what they’re made of. Example our AV Sender PAT-260 (it's SD AV Sender, not HDMI AV Sender) has 350 meter transmission range in ideal conditions without obstacles between transmitter and receiver, if exit obstacles between transmitter and receiver, the shorter range wil be. example passed one wall in the same floor, transmission range is 50meter; if passed one floor, transmission range is 15meter.

PAKITE av sender - no Interference

Interference: All wireless av transmission product are susceptible to interference, wireless av sender is same. But the difference is the wireless audio video sender are intelligent enough to avoid most interference issues. Example, if you already purchase, you can switch channels to avoid the interference, like 2.414GHz,2.432GHz, 2.450GHz, 2.468GHz......, or if your house already has so many 2.4ghz frequency band wireless product, then 5.8GHz frequency band PAT-550 av sender to avoid interference is the best choice(how to choose?).


The above model is support ir remote control, it’s for convenience of being able to use your remote control from the 2nd or 3nd location.


Pls noticed, all of PAKITE av transmission product is SD(Standard Definition) with RCA Jack, if you are interested in HDMI wireless av sender with HDMI Jack,  welcome leave message at www.pakite.net, you can purchase HDMI wireless transmitter after August.