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PAKITE Rear View Camera, your best choosing

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-08

PAKITE Car Reversing Camera: Resolve the problem of Parking and Car Reversing

car parking and car reversing friend 

I have to say most of car reversing camera has no innovation in it’s function at recently years, except for using the record video as evidence of accident, the record video is useless for anything else. But some of supplier still keep to improve it, so we can see some of car camera with more function and user experience, like today we introduced PAKITE Brand car rear view camera PAT-860.


This model is the newest of PAKITE Car Camera, except the basic function, the developer added wireless technology into the car camera. Simply, This car rear view camera has two camera, the in front car camera and rear camera, you can switch the camera into in front and rear as you want, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery even if you had passed away.


parking camera and rear view camera

Parameter of PAT-860:

LCD: 3.5 inch

Output / input: HD definition/USB2.0
Lens: 140 degree wide angle
In front Camera: 720P (inside of the car)
Rear Camera:480P(outside of the car & waterproof)
Connect Way: Wireless Transmitter
Microphone: Support
Video Form: AVI
Memory card: SD Card (2G-32 G)


Traditional car camera has two camera need to fix cables from back of the car to the driving room. as the following picture the yellow line is for traditional car camera, but this step for PAKTE car reversing camera is no need. The in front car camera installation step is same with other camera: getting the power though the car charge( our stand dual usb car charge). The rear camera connect with the transmitter, and transmitter connect with getting the back up light of the car for getting power. This step for install u can finished by yourself, it’s very easy.