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How can I watch difference channels by audio/video transmitter receiver?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2017-02-09
Many clients may ask: Can I watch different channels if I will order wirelessTV sender(RCA or HDMI port)? My answer is : May be yes, may be no. 

First, I have to relate the theory of wireless tv sender(known as av sender), whether HDMI av sender or RCA one(RCA known as AV). AV Sender is just for replace the cable between satellite receiver and television. Transmitter connect with satellite receiver and receiver connect with the tv, between satellite receiver and television is no need cable any more. The problems is one transmitter support many receiver, but many receiver have to watch the same channels. That’s because one transmitter connect with satellite receiver, so the satellite receiver out put one group av signal only , one group av signal input and one group av signal output, so that’s why all receiver watch the same channels. Is you just have one satellite receiver with many television, then you cannot watch difference channels at television ends.

If you need watch different program, then you need two satellite receiver and two tv, one sets HDMI or RCA/AV port wireless av transmitter and receiver for one satellite receiver and tv. Besides, the two sets tv shouldn’t be much too closely, or it will cause interference. If you will adapt this plan, please choose two sets audio/video wireless tv sender with different frequency band, one sets 2.4GHz frequency and another one 5.8GHz frequency band for avoid interference.