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Cable TV Transmitter with HDMI jack

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-09-12

Coming Cable TV Transmitter Receiver with HDMI jack

Wireless Cable TV signal Transmitter Receiver with HDMI jack

Television never out date even if PC has become common, television is for family entertainment, but normally PC is for personal and work .


Nowadays, PC has become more and more popular and commonly , Cable TV also get influence. but PC would not replace television for ever. Even if most of younger people use iPad watch movie and TV show program, but their also would like place television at living room, it’s family culture, whatever where you are, in China or abroad.


Now, most of family use set top box to get more channels, television have to connect with set top box by cables, if now you have cable tv transmitter, then you are no need to worries about the complex cable settlement, easy to install and set up, you can place set top box and tv at any place as you want.


Cable TV Transmitter also named wireless audio video transmitter, or tv signal transmitter, it’s not only for transmit television signal, it can transmit all of format signal, both digital and analog signal, for tv, cctv camera, dvd, dvr... All can be workable. Cable TV wireless tv signal Transmitter is including one transmitter and one receiver, transmitter connect with tv box and receiver connect with monitor.


Cable TV Transmitter will update HDMI jack soon, if you are interesting in this hdmi wireless transmitter, welcome leave message at www.pakite.net .