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What is the Wireless Bridge between Satellite Receiver and TV?

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-27

What is the Wireless Bridge between Satellite Receiver and TV?

av sender is Wireless Bridge between Satellite Receiver and TV

Satellite Receiver is very popular at abroad market, totally difference with domestic market. I am not mean satellite receiver is out date, it’s just difference life style.


WiFi router is bridge between network and mobile phone, so the same theory, wireless av sender is bridge between satellite receiver and tv.


Wireless AV Sender(what is it?) is including one pcs av receiver and one pcs av transmitter, we just need to connect transmitter with satellite receiver, pls noticed, satellite receiver must has RCA Jack, if only has HDMI Jack, you have to wait a few days, PAKITE Brand HDMI wireless transmitter will be on sale at August; then we have to connect the Receiver with tv, the same with transmitter, receiver only has RCA jack for input and output.


Besides, you can use many receiver to connect with many sets television. You may ask if I use many receiver, the video will delay as the WiFi router? My answer is no. Whatever how many sets tv you connect with one transmitter, the video would not delay or get influence, it’s just wireless sharing and vivid transmission.