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Wireless AV Transmission Systems

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-07-19


family audio video Transmitter and Receiver wireless

Video production requires more than just a cameraman. It encompasses producers, directors, and a technical crew – all of whom need access to the footage being shot – and the faster, the better. In the past, a team of people required to get the right shot had to be hooked up to monitors that were hooked up to the cameras via long cords and cables, which littered the floor of the set, causing potential tripping hazards to everyone present. But thanks to a few advances in modern technology, the production team can now view footage instantly at remote stations via wireless transmission systems.

These wireless av transmission systems can be attached to a camera and can transmit whatever is being filmed to a receiver, which can in turn be connected to monitors so that a variety of people can watch the footage as it is being shot and provide critical feedback to the cameramen. It can also be an excellent directing tool, allowing the director to view the footage and direct the actors and technicians.  It’s an invaluable tool when it comes to getting the exact shot you want while using a wide range of cameras, and being able to recognize immediately when you’ve gotten that shot.

Some may be wary of using wireless av transmission systems because of the concerns with wireless frequency allocations in use within a given physical region – there can be circumstances of existing signals in play that cannot be controlled and may interfere with a new signal being added. Wireless technology rid the production world of cumbersome cables, and transmitters have now been designed to be lightweight – adding a minimal burden to the cameraman shouldering the camera. Matching receiver modules can have a range starting at about 100 feet to much further, depending on the choice of the wireless system itself. Most producers and directors operate within 100-250 feet from the action of the camera person in order to be able to give and get directions to the production crew.

Wireless AV transmission systems can be expensive, depending on the needed range, signal quality and license issues. To some, these systems may be considered a luxury. Basic systems will typically run anywhere from three to six to twelve thousand dollars or more in price. Depending on your budget and how important and efficient the instant feedback is to your particular production, it is often worth the money. Cutting the inconvenience of having a multitude of wires and cables on set, increasing the safety factor and speeding up the process of the shooting schedule when using wireless video transmission system can greatly help streamline your production.