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A/V Sender for Satellite Receiver

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-04

A/V Sender for Satellite Receiver

Everybody knows Satellite receiver connect with television need one pcs long or short cable, but now if you have wireless tv sender (known as wireless av sender) connected between satellite receiver and tv no need by cables, you would do like that?

Satellite Receiver connection

Like this, satellite receiver need connect with AV Cable to transmit audio and video signal to tv, normally av cable is very short Signal was transmit to satellite receiver by cables, and satellite receiver have to connect with another cable for transmit signal to television.


Most housewife enjoy an bring life, the only fun is watching tv show, but most of time they are busy for household. so they have to keeping moving, clearing house and cooking, so they always missing a part of tv show. Do you come out a idea to make deal? How to make sure whatever you move into which room you can enjoy the video of tv show? If many tv has many satellite receiver and tv, and you don’t know how to fix up the complex cables, so you give up?

 A/V Sender for Satellite Receiver

But if you own the av sender for satellite receiver, then your idea is workable. You can enjoy the tv show at any place as you want, one set tv in living room, one set in bedroom, and one set in chicken room, you can enjoy an then you will not missing an wonderful moment, by use the wireless tv sender. And it’s easy to install, just need one set satellite receiver and may tv as you want, then you need PAKITE Brand AV Sender for Satellite Receiver, one transmitter connect with satellite receiver, receiver connect with tv, how many pcs receiver you need is depend on your television quality, there is no cable between satellite receiver and tv. and it’s vivid transmission, no need to connect with wifi, no need up loading, you will missing any wonderful moment.