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Analysis of Multimedia Video Conferencing

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-06-22

Analysis of Multimedia Video Conferencing

Multimedia Video Conferencing by AV Sender Receiver

    With the computer-centric multimedia technology popularization and improvement, it has brought new means and methods for the work of the Conference. Particularly in the recent years, video conferencing, distance learning, and other visual information technology fields are widely used in conference room. Multimedia conference room with its diversity of functions (such as live meetings, academic reports, training, teaching, etc.) spread rapidly. Multimedia conference room, whether to make a report, summary report, presentation products, etc., FIG interactive computer operation, text, sound, video, painting exhibition, fully mobilize the participants sensory perception, greatly improving the effect of the meeting. Conference room has entered the multimedia age!


1. Way of video conferencing


Way of video conferencing, good way by using the av Transmitter   Video conferencing systems, also known as video conference system, refers to two or more individuals or groups in different places, through the transmission line and multimedia equipment, sound, images and documents mutually transfer, instant and interactive communication, system equipment to achieve the objectives of the Conference. Using video conferencing calls, except to call you can see people and language exchange, but also to see their facial expressions and gestures, so that people in different places as communication in the same room.


   A / V system consists of computers, cameras, DVD, VCR (video cassette recorder), MD machines, physical booth, mixer, microphone, amplifier, speakers, digital video recorders and other A/V equipment constituted. To complete a variety of graphic information (including the use of a variety of software, DVD / CD discs, video tapes, all kinds of objects, sound) playback functions; to achieve multi-function hall live sound, broadcast, with large-screen projection systems, It provides excellent audio and visual effects. And by DVR, the entire process can be recorded in the DVR to facilitate future inquiries retrospectives.


2. Applications of video conferencing


Applications of video conferencing    Applications of video conference system is widely used, mainly used in various aspects of the network video conferencing, telemedicine, distance education, etc., and is widely used in government, military, business, IT, telecommunications, electricity, education, health care, securities, finance, manufacturing and other fields.


3, Benefits of video conferencing:


Ø  Accelerate product development cycles and shorten time to market.

Ø  Reduce travel costs.

Ø  Efficient use of employee time.

Ø  Provide broader, deeper face recruitment and improve the quality hiring decisions.

Ø  Work / life balance, employee retention.

Ø  Accelerate decision-making, improve employee satisfaction.

Ø  More easily complete the remote access specialist or employee tasks.

Ø  Expand their business scope.

Ø  Improve and home office workers, customers, partners and suppliers communication efficiency.

Ø  Reduce hydrocarbon emissions and improve the environment, to solve the traffic congestion problem


4. Technology of video conferencing

 How does rca av transmitter receiver work 

Video conferencing system multimedia data transmission, the larger the amount of data source signal sounds and moving images, can not be transferred on the general conditions of the digital line. Based on the practical effects of the requirements,

the propagation of sound and image signal should be continuously smooth , other auxiliary functions can easy to use. Therefore, Tone image compression, communication line conditions, data sharing and other aspects of the application have high technical requirements in the sound system.


5. Trends of video conferencing


   The current application of video conferencing market for all to see, but in the future there are many things need to do, in order to better apply to all areas of society. Improvements include transmission quality, integrity, cost, depending on the audio / visual. In respect of standards, Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) helps to avoid network congestion and ensure the transmission quality video conferencing; Although Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) can not guarantee the integrity of data transmission, it can use the timestamp method to handle timing relationships, then the data transmission process sequence is not disrupted.

  Video communication will become easier, the cost will be lower, the traditional meeting model has been far from meeting the needs of the Internet age. The video conferencing system as a support for people in real-time remote information exchanges, collaborative work system, so that members can collaborate remotely intuitive, real video/audio communication.


   Modern multimedia conference room has become a modern new office building an increasingly important design category, over time, the audio and video quality and network integration are put forward a new concept. Conference room design and system integration is also a higher technical requirements.